captured memories by Nancy Haseman

Welcome to Captured Memories!! I am delighted to do business with you!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Nancy Haseman. I have loved photography since I was at least 10 years old. As a young adult, at Stephens College, I was thrilled to take any and all courses in photography that I could get my hands on!! I spent my Junior year taking in the grandeur of England and Europe as I studied at Richmond College in England. I graduated magna cum laude in 1977 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. I majored in photography.

I consider myself an artist. An artist means many different things to various people. What I mean by an artist, is that beauty, color, form and expressing the qualities of a persons life captures my heart; and I yearn to capture that in all my portraits. (Of course this takes time and interaction.)

Each one of us has a uniqueness of character; qualities discerned through our hopes, our dreams..... Maybe that reflection is hidden from us, but it is there; it can be seen. As an artist, I feel I can add a unique perspective in drawing out these qualities in my portraits, as we interact, and develop a rapport in our session together.

What satisfies me is not just snapping a picture of you. But if I can reflect some of the quality that is within your heart, some of the unique character of who you are, then I am pleased. And I hope in all of this, you will discover and!!

It is a pleasure to serve you, and I anticipate meeting you soon!! Thank-you again for your business!!

Nancy Haseman

You can email me with questions:; or call me on my cell: 934-4539!! I'm glad to help!!

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